Making Pure Water Affordable

Central Coast Drinking Water provides affordable water solutions for bad water through the sale, rental, and maintenance of drinking water systems, whole house water softeners, whole house carbon filters, and non-salt anti-scale systems. We provide the services of larger companies, but at a fraction of the cost. Our customers can and often do have same year payback on drinking water systems (versus bottled water), and salt softeners (versus portable exchange) We are a family owned local company with low overhead that focuses on superb customer service. All our systems are made in the United States of America. We service most other brands of drinking water systems including Hydrotech and Culligan. We service Fleck, Kenmore and GE water softener heads.


Reverse Osmosis

"Gives you bottled water taste from a faucet."

Whole house Filtration

"Makes my water smooth and odor free, no more chlorine!"

Weekly service to SLO county and Santa Maria.
Service and/or upgrade most systems.
Softener rebuilds and re-bedding.

Free Estimates.
5 year warranty on drinking water systems and salt softeners (parts only)



 Water Softeners

"If I would of known how nice soft water made me feel, I would of switched over 20 years ago."


We can help you love your water with these products: