Beginning business July 1st, 2009. This business was started by Wayne and Dee Millar to offer reverse osmosis systems and water filters for home and office drinking water at competitive prices. These systems usually go under the kitchen sink, and remove up to 95% of the impurities in your water. They make even the worst water taste great! After a few months in business, our customers were asking if we did water softeners too, so we went to school and began to offer and service softeners and whole house carbon filters, and, because of customer intersest, we also now offer anti-scale saltless systems. We also sell refurbished softeners. We rent them too. Whether you own a Kenmore, GE, or other, we can most likely troubleshoot and fix it.

Wayne and Dee hope to capitalize on today’s economy by encouraging the reduction of the use of bottled water not only as a cost savings, but also as a way to reduce land fill usage (small bottles) and pollution (bottled water delivery to homes). Reverse osmosis systems and filtration both offer a virtually unlimited supply of pure good tasting water at very reasonable prices.

Soft Water benefits are well documented. Today’s softeners are very salt efficient, with most homes using less than 1 bag per month. Whole house carbon filters remove chlorine and other contaminants which are skin irritants. Anti-scale systems are offered as an alternative to salt systems and portable exchange in areas where softeners are banned such as Blacklake, Trilogy, Cypress Ridge, etc.

You can reach Central Coast Drinking water at 540-4066.

Wayne and Dee Millar bio:

I began tinkering with water systems when our family moved to Corona, California in 1987. The water tasted horrible there, but I was lucky and there was already a RO (reverse osmosis) system under the sink at our home when we moved in. After renting the RO system for a few years, I discovered that a close friend actually manufactured the systems. I gave back my rental and installed one in my own home at a surprisingly low cost. I worked for this friend part time for a few months where he trained me on service and installations. I began installing systems for friends at this time.

Closer to home here, When we moved to Arroyo Grande in 1996, my wife took one taste of the water here, and made me install the RO system we brought from our home in Corona (yes, they can be moved from home to home).

We not only install new systems, but can maintain and improve almost all systems at very reasonable prices. We will also rent systems very affordably. One of our standard features is larger tubing so that filling a pitcher of water takes seconds instead of minutes. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on everything but the filters, and membrane.

Wayne Millar (CEO of Central Coast Dinking Water Corp), has lived on the Central Coast since September of 1995. He worked in manufacturing during that time for Den-Mat corporation in Santa Maria and Zoo Med Labs where he was Director of Inventory for over 10 years. A natural born handyman, Wayne has tinkered with drinking water systems for the past 20 years, and has been trained by Farris Water in Corona California to service their systems.

Dee (Corporate secretary) has managed the household for over 30 years, raised six children, and now works for the County as an instructional assistant in special education at Arroyo Grande High School. She will be doing office work for the corporation.

Wayne and Dee are the parents of six children, Two of whom are still living on the central coast. Wayne is an active outdoors man and Scouter. He enjoys surfing, backpacking and fishing. He also grows a few of his own vegetables. Wayne is advancement chairman for Troop 432 in Arroyo Grande where he has helped a number of young men achieve the eagle rank (including his four boys). He also manages Family  avocado orchard in Oceano.